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JobmatchTalent – JMT diagram

 JobmatchTalent – JMT diagram The test includes 200 questions focusing, for example, on the employee's working structure, inner driving forces, stress index, decision-making character, inner activity, ambition, communicativeness, relationship patterns, and self-awareness. From the results, you will be able to see how these characteristics relate to the requirements profile you have selected. Our test center allows you to re-match the results unlimited times against other requirement profiles to see the profile best matched by the test taker. Also, you can choose whether or not to run reports on various Leader characteristics. This is something we always provide when testing candidates for managerial positions.

Logic and Aptitude Test

The logic analysis includes a logic, aptitude, and IQ test.

This test is used as a complement to JobMatch Talent to verify a person's logical ability in various ways. These include logical perception, logical thinking, mathematical ability, language skills, and the ability to find the "central thread " in more complex contexts. The Logic Analysis is used as an essential complement when the problem-solving ability of the candidate is of importance.

Screening Test

JobMatch Screen offers a solution for when you have a large number of job applications that need to be automatically screened and sorted by relevance. The screening tool allows you to focus on the most relevant candidates, increase accuracy and minimize administration time.

Group Matching

When you start building teams or want to check out how two or more people match up, you can create a team report based on tests already completed. This will provide you with a simple and clear view of how their approaches relate to each other. Alternatively, you can do a QuickMatch to match a jobseeker with, for example, his or her future manager or colleagues, thereby taking a further step towards ensuring good recruitment.

DNV-reviewed tests
To ensure the quality of the tests you use, you should check that the instrument is reviewed and certified by DNV-GL. Previously, STP, under the Swedish Psychological Association, reviewed personality tests and psychometric tests in Sweden. However, they never approved or certified any test instruments. The Norske Veritas, DNV-GL, has taken over the auditing role today. A DNV certified test means that it has been examined, approved, and certified by DNV-GL. In this context, it is also important to distinguish whether a personality test is audited according to the previous guidelines or according to the new, more demanding EFPA guidelines that were adopted in Sweden in 2015. The JobMatch Talent test was the first test in Sweden to be DNV-reviewed and certified under the new EFPA guidelines.

Our Testing Tools