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A Nordic competence hub for the fashion and sports industry

Our concept is simple, we help clients find the right skills within the industry segments

Fashion - Sports & Outdoor - Workwear - Footwear - Interior design

Are you looking for a strong Candidate or a short-term Consultant, or do you need Business Development assistance in one of the Nordic markets?

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Our Testing Tools

We believe that the face-to-face meeting, combined with rigorous testing, is a very powerful formula for successful recruitment. Not just one or the other, but the combination of both. Learn more about our tests here…

For clients

We often say that "Omnistaff is not a recruitment company, but a competence supplier”. This means that we can help you as our client to strengthen your company by offering three flexible business areas. You can find out more about these please click here....

For candidates

Would you like to leave your current workplace and find a job in one of our industry segments? Please find out more please click here....

For consultants

We are constantly working to develop our network of highly qualified consultants from various professional fields. Would you like to know more about how this works? Please click please click here....

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