Eeva-Maria ”Eevis” Männikkö –

Responsible Omnistaff Norway



Eevis has worked in several of the Nordic markets in the Fashion & Sports industry for over 22 years. She has mainly worked in design and product development roles such as Pattern Maker, Designer, Head of design and Design Director at companies such as Ellos, Didriksons, Blend of Amerika (Denmark), Puma (Germany, England), Sweet Protection (Norway), Dæhlie (Norway) and most recently Kari Traa (Norway). In addition to her responsibility for Omnistaff Norway, she acts as a management consultant and sits on several boards in fashion and tech companies. Eevi’s solid history of working internationally, her broad knowledge of many different parts of the industry and her experience as a leader will together be a valuable asset for Omnistaff’s customers.

Ph: +47 91 902 556