Do you want to develop your business in one of the Nordic markets?

We often engage in business development conversations with our clients, which is very interesting. For example, this may involve establishing a business in one of the Nordic markets, developing purchasing processes or business areas, or simply CEO coaching. Our experienced colleagues in each of the local markets (Sweden, Denmark, or Finland), who are familiar with their market inside and out, allow us to help you with your individual needs on-site. All Omnistaff employees have long and solid experience in various business development projects, which is a great benefit for you as a client. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you. For a simple description of our working model in business development projects, please click here....

Welcome to the Omnistaff Nordic Team!

Charlotta Persson

Mattias Olsson

Mia Tapio

Bo Storm

Mikael Forsström