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Developing Leadership and DISC Leadership

What team can win in the long run if the coach does not develop? None, we dare say. With this in mind and the fact that we at OMNISTAFF have many years of experience as coaches, we have selected two different courses that we know will lead to your development as a coach. These are:

UL (Developing Leadership): developed and quality assured by the Swedish Defence University and available on the Swedish commercial market since 2004, the training begins with a 360-degree assessment of your leadership behaviour. Your leadership skills will be assessed by your superiors, peers, and subordinates while you make your assessment of your leadership skills. The School of Defence then summarises the assessments, which will serve as the basis for further work during the training. The basic course takes place over three days and after about two months there will be an in-depth day to complete the development process. In between, there will be an individual phone conversation between the course leader and you to support your individual development. UL is a highly developing and powerful training that will require a great effort from you, but we can promise you that it is worth every minute of your time.

DISC Leadership: A training based on the communication analysis DISC where you get to know yourself, your behaviour in a given situation and understand how to develop your communication style as a leader. The training will effectively increase your ability to reach out to those around you more easily and create a more open and better working climate. "The healthiest plants, as we know, always grow in a good climate (and vice versa...)" After the training, you will receive personal coaching with one of the course leaders for your further development as a Leader.

We collaborate with the top consultants who we already know well. We have tried out various types of their training before and this is why they are included in our offer.

We will be happy to send you more in-depth information about our training and lectures. Please contact us at: Tel: +46 707 922 955 eller Tel: +46 707 922 955 and we will tell you more!