Sätila quintupled its digital sales after Omnistaff delivered e-commerce expertise reinforcement!

In August, Omnistaff was asked by Sätila if we could present the best external partner in Digital Marketing for them to sharpen their Digital Advertising Strategy.

Our answer was "Of course we can" because "We can find them among our Consultants who are carefully selected by us".

A couple of meetings later and after a carefully prepared plan developed in collaboration between Sätila and the partner we proposed, the work started. It was and tuned on various digital advertising techniques with careful follow-up week by week. Yes, the workshop really went for high pressure right away.

Now we have reached February and a smile is on our face when we take part in the sales figures from Sätila. What a positive development of this fine brand with its roots in Västra Götaland!

What warms out hearts extra is to see how their collection to made in celebration of their 125 years (launched in August), including both dresses and sweaters, has received such positive reactions from various retailers!

Thank you Sätila for giving us the confidence to open the door to the right partner for you and thanks to the hard-working gang who manage to create such success together with a very nice brand that has long deserved more time in the spotlights!

Good luck in the future Sätila, we at Omnistaff will continue to carry your products with pride!