Are you looking for flexible expertise without long-term contracts?

The need for specialist skills in different areas is constantly increasing within our industry segments, while you as a customer may not always be ready to lock yourself into long-term contracts and fixed expenses. By using OMNISTAFF's Consultant intermediation you will save time, headaches, and most importantly expenses from comparing and evaluating different options, while at the same time being confident that you will get exactly those qualities you are looking for. 

OMNISTAFF has carefully selected and quality assured the best Consultants for each area of expertise that your company needs. In addition, we offer a flexible and up-to-date billing model that is highly beneficial to all parties.

Below you will find the Specialist Competencies we have procured and can offer you.

You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more about how our Consultant intermediation works.

Consultant intermediation