Consultant intermediation

We provide the following specialist skills:

CEO (interim) - COO (interim) - Business Development Project Management - Ongoing Business Consulting

Our solid network of leaders with extensive experience in management and governance of companies within our sectors enables us to offer you both help with the temporary operational running of your company or a specific area of business, or help with a more strategic reorganisation or ongoing business advice. This network also enables us to assist you with the recruitment of Board seats with various specialisations.

Personal Leadership Coaching with Mattias Olsson - Essential and objective external input

It is essential to get objective external input as a leader. This is true whether you have a strong board or management team. No person or organisation has all of the solutions. That is why we now offer personal leadership coaching by Mattias Olsson at OMNISTAFF directly to our clients. Our advice, which is straightforward and simple, is intended for leaders who are looking for a personal sparring partner regarding both their leadership and/or business development issues.

Structure: We will meet once every two months, e.g. through Walk & Talks with a closing lunch. Of course, online meetings are another option. Intervals between meetings can be tailored to your needs, but a minimum of once every two months is a good start to achieve positive results.

Topics: You, as the Leader, set the agenda for each meeting. Usually, you just need to bring up the topics you want to discuss for the day once we meet. However, if there is something I need to read up on, I will need the information a few days before.

Summary: I always write a summary of our discussion in a few simple and concise points. Summary: I always write a summary of our conversation in a few simple and concise remarks.

Follow-up: As agreed, I will follow up our discussion via telephone once between each meeting to reconcile what we have been talking about. 

Duration: meeting/walk & talk and lunch for about 2 hours. Summary and follow-up between meetings 1 hour. In total about 3 hours for each meeting.

About Mattias: Mattias has worked in the Fashion & Sports industry for almost 28 years, 23 of which in various management roles. His professional experience includes Department Manager-JC, Sales Manager-CAT, Marketing Manager-Gore-Tex, E-commerce Manager-Sneaky Steve, and CEO-Mancare. For the last 11 years, he has worked as a professional recruiter and business advisor for numerous companies in the industry. In his career, he also founded and developed the brands Frank DandySmartcaze and OMNISTAFF and worked as an operating partner in Sneaky Steve and ModeverketIn addition, he is a Certified Board Member of the West Swedish Board Academy, Certified Personality Analyst in the JobmatchTalent tool, Certified in DISC De Luxe, and a Certified Coach following the ICF standard.

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