Omnistaff challenges your suppliers and consultants!

As you may know, Omnistaff has picked the best suppliers and consultants for each area of expertise within the textile industry. These are approved partners in our network, and our business model is based on providing them free of charge to you, our client. Payment for the service is between us and our suppliers. Feel free to call us a skills broker if you like, because that is exactly what we are when it comes to our intermediation services. Please bear in mind that we have to come up with the most suitable skills for you, otherwise we will not win the competition to help you. That challenge is our daily mission, and you, our client, benefit from it every single day of the year. Below are a few examples from our 15 service areas in which we challenge your existing suppliers and consultants:

– Digital Marketing Communication Providers (SEO, Content Creation & Advertising Strategy) 

– Consultants for the development of your Export 

– Freelance Consultants for Design and Fitting Services (Textile and Hardware) 

– Freelance Consultants for Graphic Design Services 

– Consultants in CSR & Sustainability 

– Consultants for the development of your logistics flow 

– Consultants in financial Interim assignments (CFO) and Accounting services 

– Suppliers of IT Environment & Security 

– Suppliers of Business Systems optimised for textile companies (including procurement) 

– Consultants for the development of your purchasing flow

All we need is a digital meeting with you, our client, where we review your needs in detail and then find suitable candidates. Please feel free to contact us!

Our contact information:

Mattias Olsson Phonel: +46 707 922 955  

Charlotta Persson Phone: +46 763 921 838