Mia Tapio

Mia Tapio – Area Manager

Stockholm – north Sweden

Mia has a 25-year background in the Sports & Fashion industry. She has extensive experience from both small and large companies, such as Fjällräven, Haglöfs, Houdini, KappAhl, Peak Performance, Klättermusen, and others. She has had roles such as Buyer, Product Manager, Purchasing Manager and was co-founder of YogiYogini Sweden and since 2014 she works in her own consulting company Eternal Mindset. As a consultant, she has helped several companies to reorient towards a more sustainable product development chain and refined and streamlined work processes. Furthermore, Mia has a board education via Styrelsebalans and has served as an advisor in Stadsmissionens Re:make and the board of the association Medveten Konsumtion.